How To Navigate

Step 1:

Log into your BatchMatePro account and then log into your Clio account.

Step 2:

Sign into Clio and then allow access to your Clio account to sync your Clio account with BatchMatePro.

Step 3:

Use the filter to search for the matter for which you want to generate templates and then select that matter by toggling the checkbox. Then click “next” to see a list of available template categories and templates.

Step 4:

Expand the applicable template category and then select the templates you want to generate. Then, click “next”. Select whether you want the templates created in Word (original format), .pdf or both. Then click next.

Step 5:

The templates will now be generated. After the process is complete, download each template or go to “documents” in the Clio client/matter. The templates will be saved in a sub-folder named the same as the category of templates you selected from. Click “finish” to return to the main menu.

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